Forest School at Boney Hay


The outdoors environment is the perfect setting to develop resilient, confident, independent, creative learners whilst also improving their health and well-being. Weekly sessions in all weathers fosters resilience and creativity.  Children learn how to adapt and change the way in which they tackle activities in different weather conditions. Children are encouraged to take risks and work in an area and undertake tasks out of their comfort zone.  Many children have never climbed a tree before or even been allowed to get muddy! This can be a huge step forward for some children.  Their confidence grows physically and emotionally.

The woodland is an open ended resource and never fails to offer awe and wonder.  This encourages motivation and creativity as it offers a huge, diverse, ever changing supply of materials through the seasons.  Children are encouraged to investigate, explore, think critically, manage risks, take decisions, work with others and challenge themselves.

Children are encouraged to take control of their own learning.  They are encouraged to think critically, be adaptable and try to solve problems independently.  Over time they understand that they do not need to rely on adults if things do not go to plan.  They learn when to ask for help from peers and adults after all other avenues have been explored.  They realise that there is no right or wrong way – it is whichever way suits you best.

Experience and Qualified Staff

Mr Dunn is our Forest School Lead here at Boney Hay. Mr Dunn is a fully qualified and experienced Teacher, with a Level 3 Forest School Qualification. Mr Dunn is a huge advocate of outdoor learning and an ambassador for our Academy HART Value of Adventure.

The benefits of Forest School have been noticeable in and out of the classroom.  Forest School sessions are now implemented throughout the school from Rec to Year 6, with each year group having a weekly session over a half term period.