Read Write Inc. Phonics is a programme that uses systematic phonics to teach all children to read.

It lasts two years for most children – if they start to learn to read in the Reception class.

We teach the sounds first – in a specific order.

We then teach your children to blend those sounds together in order to read words using:

  • Red Ditty Books.

The children read words in the matched Storybooks:

  • Green Storybooks
  • Purple Storybooks
  • Pink Storybooks
  • Orange Storybooks
  • Yellow Storybooks
  • Blue Storybooks
  • Grey Storybooks

Each Storybook is carefully matched to the sounds they can already read – setting them up for success.

In addition to this, children, from Green Storybooks upwards, receive weekly spellings to learn.  These are tested each Thursday and new ones are then handed out.

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